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Description of Heimdall Parental Control

Heimdall Parental Control helps you to protect your children by securing his phone or tablet and add restrictions.

Heimdall needs to be directly installed on your child's device and its access is secured with a code.

As a parent, you'll be able to:

• avoid installing new application by blocking the Play Store

• block the installed applications (completely or by adding a time limit)

• limit the calls duration

• ensure the Youtube parental filter is enabled (and stays enabled)

• track your child applications or network activities

• distantly get your child location (


• block undesired content (adult/illegal websites...) or a specific website by filtering the device's network requests (


Beware of one thing: Heimdall does not provide any remote control. You need a physical access to the device to do restriction modifications.

Heimdall is protected by a security code that you'll have to define at first launch. Of course, Heimdall will try to block all other possible ways to disable or uninstall the restrictions (notably some system settings). This app uses the Device Administrator permission when possible in order to be sure your child will not be able to uninstall Heimdall.

Forgetting the security code may avoid the device to come back to a normal state. Heimdall is not responsible for the consequences of the security code loss.

Contrary to several other solutions, Heimdall do almost everything on your child's device. This is great for privacy, but this has one drawback: as a parent, you can't control your child's device remotely.

By default, Heimdall does not use Internet and does not send any data. However, if you purchased and enabled the network filtering feature, Heimdall will send the hostnames of internet requests (e.g. "") in order to be able to recognize the harmful websites. This data is anonymous and send over the secure HTTPS protocol.

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